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5 interesting community projects that will develop a better ‘You’!

Many people living in large cities are often too busy to meet their neighbors, organise social gatherings or community projects, in reality, many of them don’t even know their neighbors’ names. Yes, we don’t live in one area or another by ourselves, if we seclude ourselves from the society, there are many things which we will be missing. Organizing various projects, implementing on ideas of amelioration, or even hosting garage sales to raise money for a new community garden is something that not only will shape out view of the world, but will ensure socialisation with others, because who knows, may be you will need your neighbors’ help one evening to baby sit your kids or feed your cat while you are away on holidays. Getting to know those who live around you and doing something that the whole community can benefit from will make you grow as a person, and can be first of all, beneficial to you. Here are 5 interesting projects to undertake and organize that will be exciting and will help you develop various skills.

1.     Community newspaper

Organizing and publishing a community newspaper is a fun project that does not require a lot of time, special machinery or skill set. You can write everything on your laptop, print it out at home, and get your children to distribute it. If there are no news about the events that will take place, you can dedicate your newspaper to healthy eating, or fitness ideas. Write about something that you enjoy, or found out recently that interested you, if you liked it, others will find it interesting as well. This could be something like the Insanity Workout Review, or the organic foods that are in season. Be creative, delegate some writing to other members, or have a weekly article written by the children.

 2.     Events and parties

Organize various events, parties and celebrations. If you know it’s someone’s birthday, or Halloween is the following week, throwing a party for everyone in the community to enjoy is fun way of meeting everyone, celebrating together and getting to know each other better. You, as well as your children can make friends. It doesn’t have to be something big, but if you want, you can get others involved, the more – the merrier.

3.     Community learning venue

Create an open learning center for children in your community. This will be a place where everyone can take the books that they have read, or interactive games that they don’t need anymore. It could be also a place where once a week a parent holds a poetry or literature reading to educate kids in a more comfortable environment. This will not only teach you how to share your knowledge with others, but you can also educate other parents on how they can interest their children in learning and reading outside of school hours.

 4.     Outdoor fitness

When working out, many of us need motivation, so having fitness sessions outdoors is something that you can do together. If someone wants, they can be the ‘instructor’, showing the moves, while everyone repeats them, or you can have a cycling trip, or a hiking day on Sundays. There are so many possibilities of doing fun physical activities outdoors, that not only will have a positive effect on your health, but will push you to exercise regularly with your neighbors.

 5.     Weekend social gatherings

A community social gathering can be anything, from a small get-together, to watching films on a screen in your community garden, it can also be discussing what projects can be undertaken and what events should be organized. This will teach you to be creative, to listen to others, as well as learn to come up with solutions to various issues.