Community Projects

Community Camping Trip

If you’ve been thinking about trying to find something to do for your next community activity, why not try a community camping trip. Many people love camping trips and it can be a great thing to do after doing a cleaning project to “enjoy” the area that was just cleaned. There are many other reasons to have a community camping trip as your next refreshing community outing.

It’s An Eco Friendly Activity

A classic camping trip is one of the most eco-friendly social activities. When you are out camping you are just enjoying the outdoors in its natural state, burning firewood, telling ghost stories over a fire, playing out in nature, all of these are activities that don’t harm the environment. Many companies know how eco-friendly camping can be.

When you are out camping, just make sure that everyone picks up their trash and cleans up the camp area when they are finished.

It’s a Great Bonding Activity

When people are out camping, they are not quite as likely to pull out their cell phones and start texting their BFFs. Instead, they are likely to put their phones down (possibly because they don’t have any signal) and just look around to enjoy the natural wonders of nature. As they do this, people will naturally start talking to pass the time.

This won’t go for everyone of course, a few people might just be content passing time watching nature, and that is just fine, but others will start to talk and learn more about each other.

Simple activities, such as cookouts, hikes, or night time ghost stories, during the trip, can be a great way for people in the community to spend time with each other.

Watching sunrises, sunsets, or the stars at night can be a great way to rekindle the romance in a marriage, or a peaceful way to spend time with the family.

Just remember that if you have young children, bring some lighting along with you just in case they get scared during ghost story time or at night. Try choosing a flashlight or choosing a headlamp, as they make great sources of lighting.

It Provides Opportunity for a Great Workout

If you have heard other members of your community complain because they have put on a few extra pounds, a camping trip might be a great community activity. There are many things that you do during camping trips that provide an opportunity for a workout. Pitching tents, going on hikes, riding bikes, and gathering firewood, aren’t sedentary activities. They require you to get up and get a workout. This is why many support groups that are dedicated to weight loss go on camping trips as rewards for achieving some goal.

A community camping trip can be a great bonding experience for the entire community. It can teach children about the importance of teamwork, and being thankful for family and all of the things you have. It can also be a great way for overworked businesspeople to get away from technology and enjoy all of the great things nature can provide. Either way, a camping trip can be a great experience that can be remembered by all for years to come.



Heating Up Your Community

space-heaterIf your community has open spaces, say a park or a public ground for meetings, then you’ll know all about the hazards of standing around in the cold. Especially as the winter nears, it’s important to remember to stay warm, and a space heater is a great way to do that. If you are planning any open air events in your community, a space heater can help to keep people warm, and while most of us have jackets and scarves, it’s a nice little touch to keep the elderly or young warm when they need it the most. If you’re looking into getting one, but don’t know which one to go for, check out these space heater reviews at

-       Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater with Digital Display and Remote Control

The Lasko is a good sized, affordable space heater that comes with a remote, digital display, various settings and an automatic overheat safety feature. It’s a great way to keep a crowd warm and you can find them for around fifty dollars.

-       Lasko 5812 Automatic Air-Flow Heater with Temperature-Regulation System

Another Lasko, though this time a different model. This one is wider and shorter than the one before so it works well in small groups of people. If your event has people sitting around, then one or two of these dotted around the place will work a charm. It’s a little more expensive and can be found for around seventy dollars, and it uses an analogue knob rather than a digital system.

-       Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Propane Heater

If you’re going to an event and just want a heater for yourself then this heater will be a lifesaver. It’s easy to carry around and uses gas to heat up a large space. The initial cost can be quite high, over a hundred dollars, but it can be found for around seventy. Keep in mind it will need gas to fire as well, which adds to the cost. But it’s portable and effective and won’t let you down if you need heat.

-       Dimplex DFI2310 Electric Fireplace Deluxe 23-Inch Insert, Black

If you’re looking to really splash out and show off, then this heater will be excellent for you. It can stay in the back garden and heat everyone up when you have friends and family over for drinks or a barbeque. It’s aesthetically pleasing, and looks like a real fire, but it does cost almost three hundred dollars and isn’t portable.

All of these Infrared Heaters have their own special features. Click here to check out some more heaters.

Handcraft Work from Home: A Way to Help Your Community

Community-based projects are an excellent way to bring out positive changes in your community. Whether it’s redesigning artwork for your street or clearing trash from an alley, it can provide even a small positive change.

However, improving your community will only work best if there is an active participation of the residents. As I noticed, a lot of people are very eager to help their community, but only few are really active. It’s either they don’t have the money or the time. So despite the deep aspiration to thrive, many communities across the country are still struggling.

Community Participation

But it’s important for you to know that making a positive impact in your own community doesn’t necessarily need a heap of money or loads of time. In fact, even while you’re just at home watching your favorite TV show, you can still make a difference. Simply think of great ideas, use your skills, and share them with the others in your neighborhood.

One effective way to do this is to encourage your neighborhood and involve them in handcrafts or DIY projects. Doing handcrafts from home can be enjoyable and fun. Not only that, it’s also satisfying and financially rewarding. People in this age are looking for unique gift ideas for birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations, as well as special accessories that they can use for everyday wear.

So if you are a community group or an individual seeking to create a wonderful project, making handmade items is a great option. There are hundreds if not thousands handcraft ideas to choose from. And one of the popular ideas is making bracelets, particularly leather bracelets.

Why Leather Bracelets?

Leather bracelets are so on trend right now. Leather is a very durable material and owning an item that is made from it is supposed to be a status symbol. For many years, it has been one of the best choices of popular and not-so-popular individuals when it comes to accessories. In fact, even in today’s modern generation, it’s still considered one of the best choices of fashion conscious people.

Aside from the quality of the material, people wear leather bracelets because they provide an undeniable sexy and enigmatic appeal. Furthermore, leather bracelets work well for any kinds of wardrobe. If you’re wearing a casual suit and want to add some sense of formality, just wear a leather bracelet and you’ll instantly get that smart tailored appeal. And if you’re wearing a simple shirt and jeans but want to get some creative or rocker look, just wrap around a leather bracelet on your wrist and you’ll acquire that cool charm you’re looking.

Leather continues to be an in demand material in jewelry fashion, so it’s definitely a great idea for a new community-based project. The process is easy that it requires almost no tools. The best thing is it can even be done by beginners. It’s an easy step to encourage your neighborhood, even the students, to participate in the improvement of your community.

As we all know, people in today’s society are always busy and focused on things that don’t have any connection with the community at all, especially the youth. So helping the young generation experience community service provides them an opportunity to not only fill their resume for school or job applications, but also give back to the place that helped raise them. As anyone who has been part of a community service knows, the fulfillment that comes from helping others can be meaningful and life changing.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready your stuff and make some handcraft materials for your community. Make sure that everyone in the neighborhood knows your plan, particularly the chairman of your community to be able to run a successful program.

Are Upright Vacuum Cleaners Still In Demand Today In Your Community?


In the US and particularly in California, upright vacuum cleaners are probably still in demand though the models still in use can be relatively old. This is because there are so many other types and brands of household vacuum cleaners that you can already buy within your community. The value of upright vacuum cleaners is that they allow you to clean your home or office (or even your home office) without having to stoop or bend awkwardly. However, the advent of other types of vacuum cleaners might signal a shift to more convenient types of these machines by the public.

Vacuum’s in California Communities

In California communities, vacuum cleaners are an important household helper because the dry weather means that dust tends to settle on carpets and flooring easily. Upright vacuum cleaners allow you to clean carpets without having to get on your hands and knees. This makes them handy especially when carpeting in California homes and offices tends to span from wall to wall. Since often carpeting does not get peeled off the floor and cleaned outdoors, the next best solution for cleaning is to use a vacuum cleaner. Some may do away with carpeting in their home or office to show off great floors (especially wooden floors that have been sanded and varnished to a nice shine) but carpets are important to some because of the design and style of the carpet or because the carpets can absorb sound which is great if footsteps tend to be distracting.

Downside of Vacuum Cleaners

One downside to using vacuum cleaners is that they use up quite a lot of electricity, especially the more powerful ones. Generally, the more powerful the suction power of the vacuum the more electricity is required to make it run. Not surprisingly, in the less affluent California communities you might not see people cleaning their homes with vacuum cleaners so much – but then in such communities you probably would not find wall to wall carpeting either. So these less affluent California homes and businesses probably don’t use vacuums, to keep their electric bills down to affordable levels. By the same principle, homes and businesses in the richer California communities which probably do have carpets (and high end carpets at that) would also most likely have vacuum cleaners to clean inside their carpeted rooms, because they can absorb the cost.

It is not surprising that some people hesitate to buy vacuum cleaners due to the cost of electricity in California. If you are worried that your budget for electricity will be trashed if you switch to using vacuum cleaners you may want to check out online calculators to compute your electricity consumption right now and your potential electricity consumption should you switch to upright vacuum cleaners (or any vacuum cleaner for that matter). Incidentally, the frequency by which you use vacuum cleaners is just as important as the power of the machine that you use for cleaning. Keep a record of your monthly payments for electricity as well so you can monitor the rise and fall of your consumption during the period when you use vacuum cleaners regularly.

It’s the 21st century, have you refreshed your community to go green and eco-friendly yet?

ECOFRIENDLYSeems everywhere you look you see and hear the words green and eco-friendly.  It’s a good thing coming together worldwide for a cleaner environment to live in.  That’s the world, now how about your community?  Are you seeing changes towards living in the environmentally friendly world of today or are you still not on the path of change yet?  Maybe it’s time to come together with your neighbors and start making changes towards refining your town locally to jump on the bandwagon and refresh your environment.

You don’t have to jump tall buildings in a single bound or run faster than a speeding bullet and make changes overnight.  Nor do you have to start off with a huge project either.  Start with the small stuff and make changes gradually.  Work together and as a community make decisions to catch up with the ways your community can be eco-friendly and green too along with other communities, towns and cities around you that have started.  See what they’ve been doing and gather ideas as to how you can make it work for your locale.

Maybe start and see if your town can get some recycling bins placed somewhere convenient where you can have a specific place to bring plastics, metals, and other recyclable materials to be shipped off and transformed back into usable products.  With one area to do recycling in, it makes it convenient to store up and take a trip to the bins and dump off all your recycling that needs to be done all in one place.  Talk to your city or town and see if they have interest in putting a plan for recycling into action and what steps you need to take.  Get a petition going around signed by people who support recycling bins so the city knows you’re good and ready to put it into action and make it work.

Another small step is to place doggie bins in the park.  They are barrels with biodegradable plastic bags attached to them that you pick up your doggie doo with and dispose of in the bin.  Later the company comes and picks up and empties the bin, replaces bags and takes it off to compost.  It also is great because then you can go to the park and not have to watch every single step you take so that you don’t step in doggie doo because someone just let their dog do their duty and left it laying there.  This way the owner responsibly picks up after Buddy when he does his business and disposes of it properly.  See at your next town meeting if this is an option to look into and push for it.

Hold a meeting between the locals to talk about some ideas and where to take them.  Have a get together over a barbecue while it’s still pleasant weather and discuss steps.  Don’t forget to clean up after and recycle any of GotStocks range of wholesale catering supplies that you got for the BBQ.  That way you’re starting your recycling from the get-go.  It’s time to refresh your community’s environment and make it happen.

Keeping Care of Your Neighbourhood’s Electricity




Electricity is all around us these days. It powers our phones, our internet, our refrigerators and even some of our cars. Of course, it also powers out street lamps and our shops and businesses. If you live in a neighbourhood then you probably have a generator. All the electricity running to the grid will come from here, and each house and business will use it. It’s not a bad idea to make sure this, and individual houses, are running smoothly, as even a small electrical problem can cause havoc to a community. If you are in the California region, then you should look into an electrical company in San Diego.

-       Why Bother?

Electricity is too fickle a force to be left to its own devices, and local governments aren’t always up to scratch. If you’ve ever noticed that your wiring is dodgy or that when you turn on one device another one turns off, then you may have an issue. Sure, it could be small now, but if left to grow it could potentially evolve into a very real, and very expensive issue. Even if you’re not sure if there’s an issue, there’s no harm checking it out. These companies do a free evaluation, so you have nothing to lose by being precautionary.

-       What Happens?

Getting an electrician is a two step process. First they do a survey, checking out what they think is the issue, and then they get down and fix it. If you’re hiring a San Diego company you know you’re getting quality and professionalism. How long the job will take and how much it costs depends on what needs to be done. It could be a simple or complex, you may need only a new wire, or perhaps an entire upgrade. You don’t have to worry about them scamming you as these guys are the best in the business.

-       How Can I Trust Them?

This is a company that’s been around the block for over twenty years. They’re well known for their quality and professionalism. Of course these days you can hop online and found out for yourself, or ask around and see if they meet your needs. If there is an electrical system issue in your area, you really can’t afford to wait around. Think about hiring in a company today and getting that system repaired.


Business Ideas for Your Community

business ideasSometimes what a community needs the most is something that’s a little outside the box. There are really only so many coffee shops and wine bars that you can stuff into are area before it becomes overloaded. Communities thrive off diversity, so don’t hold back, why not open a specialist weapon’s store? And if you’re new to the trade, then you can find the best beginners crossbows here.

-       Aren’t they Dangerous?

When people think of weapons they think of anger and violence, but there are many different types of weapons store available and not all of them are for defence either. Some are for decoration, like antique weapons and wall mount pieces for enthusiasts. Others are for protection, and who says that’s a bad idea? Mostly, though, when it comes to a weapons store, you need to think way out along the curve.

-       What Would Work?

Take the crossbow for instance. At first glance you might think it a deadly weapon with no obvious reason to be in your community, but what if you were to start a community club for weapon’s enthusiasts? It could be like an archery range, but for crossbows. Or you could start a medieval themed community day where you highlight some of the older weapons. Or, if you live nearby a forest or fields, you could start a local hunting club. There are so many more reasons to own a crossbow than just to look cool and dangerous. It can actually be a real benefit to your community as a whole and open up new areas of business you may never have thought about before.

-       Why the Crossbow?

Sure, it might seem like an odd weapon to choose, but it’s far safer than opening a gun store or a knife shop. Both of those weapons can be easily concealed and cause real damage to people. But a crossbow is more of an art piece. It’s big, bulky and takes time to load and fire. As such, it’s not practical as a weapon on violence. But it useful as a showcase, a way to increase interest in your area in the medieval or in hunting. It could be the start to a whole renaissance fair, or shooting club. Not only that, but if you teach people the proper way to treat weapon then you could open some minds and save lives. Someone who understands a weapon is more likely to be able to protect themselves than someone who doesn’t.

Why a Phlebotomist is Good for Your Community



A good community relies on a number of wholesome characteristics. It should be well rounded and provide its residents with a range of goods and services. It shouldn’t overload on one type of store or product, as that makes it less likely to withstand sudden change. It should be clean, and tidy, and give its residents a space to be educated and healthy.

On that last point, health, it’s easy to under-think. A decent medical centre is usually in the offing, but have you ever thought about whether your community needs a phlebotomist? There’s plenty of phlebotomy information out there on what a phlebotomist does, but we’re going to break it down to just the basics.

-       What Is It?

A Phlebotomist is the fancy name for someone who collect and analysis blood samples. It’s a simple procedure, but one that has important ramifications. If your community has no way of testing blood, then all samples from all residents must be shipped off elsewhere. There they are tested and sent back again. The room for error is greatly increased, as are the cost.

-       Why bother?

A phlebotomist is a respectable position in the medical community. It commands a decent salary, usually averaging in and around the mid-30s. You’ll not only be helping out the residents, but you’ll be adding a vital member of society, someone with brains and intelligence and drive and skill. A good phlebotomist will also be able to set up a blood bank system. Giving blood is extremely important and it’s something we don’t do enough, but your newest resident could help set up a drive, and stock pile for when the community needs it most.

-       How Do I Become One?

If the idea of a phlebotomist appeals to you, it’s relatively straight forward to become one. All you have to do is put the time, energy and money into an accredited course. Usually, a two year degree will suffice, which is far less than most other medical jobs. Some states make you work a certain number of hours before you are certified, but view this as work experience and it makes more sense. Double check what your state requires, and then jump on board the phlebotomy train. It’s a great job with real benefits, both to you and your community. You can also find additional information at


Protect your home and your community



There are many ways to protect your home and your community at the same time. Many home owners will get an alarm system and put a sign on their windows or out in their yard to tell would be burglars that they are protected by an alarm. But what if that alarm system fails or the burglar is familiar with disarming alarms?

Then what do you do to protect your home from burglars? Well one thing you can do is have tactical assault gear available for your protection. This can mean many things such as bullet proof vest, a rifle or gun, and many more items. These are just a few things that you can use to protect your home while you’re there.

What if you’re not home when they break in then what do you do? You would be relying on insurance at this point and a neighborhood watch program. Insurance will protect you by providing you funds to repurchase anything that is stolen or damaged in the event of a break-in. If the alarm system is faulty you can also prosecute the alarm company for not living up to their job responsibilities. But what if you have a neighborhood watch in place? This would help by being able to identify the burglar and put him away for a long time. But that only works is the neighborhood watch is doing their job as well.

What if there is no neighborhood watch? Well you can always start one. Call a meeting for all your neighbors and discuss the necessity of having a neighborhood watch party. Convince them that it’s a great investment of their time. But if that doesn’t work then purchase some motion detector cameras to video any possible problems while you are away or asleep. These are all acceptable options for protecting your home that can be incorporated into your community as well.

Many people don’t realize that as a home owner or renter in the neighborhood you are part of a community and within that community you have a responsibility to help each other out and look out for the elderly and children in the community around you. Socialize with your neighbors, make sure you are aware of who lives in your neighborhood and you have at least met them on a few occasions. Community support comes from all the neighbors and businesses in your community. Without community support many neighborhoods would be overrun by unsavory types of people, more breakings would happen, and drugs may start showing up in your neighborhood or home. So stay on top of your community and the activities going on around your home so you can protect your home, the people inside your home, and your community.

Many criminals will try to infiltrate a well-established community and take advantage of the working class community so protection is something that is very important for you and your community’s well-being. Stand up to the criminals and make it known that your community is not going to stand for their misguided ways.

Build Your Local Business in 3 Easy Steps



Whether you are in the business of making pastries or in the business of proofreading legal documents, there is always a way to get noticed in your community. With some easy-to-apply ground rules, take a look at some ways in which you could start to expand your business.

Get Online

Getting set up on the internet is always a big help. When someone wants to search for a service like yours in a city or town like yours, they will often just type in the key words into a search engine. They will type “sewing” and “Milton” for example and see what comes up. You want your company name to be among those that come up in the search results. Get some help with building your website if online programming is not your thing. You could always pay your child or a friend’s child to help you with the development. There are lots of website templates to choose from online that provide the framework for the website’s design. There are sony vegas pro templates if you want to look modern and cool, but there are also more basic templates if that’s what you’re looking for. Spend an afternoon with someone who can help and get your presence recognized on the internet first.

Get Noticed

Do you have a sign up outside of your local shop? If it’s flat and facing the other side of the street, that’s great for those who are looking from that point of view. But what about people who are on the same side of the street as you? Consider a mounted wall sign that sticks out from the side of the building so your business is more noticeable. There are also those folding signs you can set outside on the street so your business logo is at street level. This type of sign is great for restaurants and coffee shops but even if your business is about custom hats, people’s eyes will still be drawn to the writing on the board. Many people will probably think it’s a food menu as they approach and read it out of curiousity. By the time they are finished reading your sign, they’ve realized that it’s not about food but instead about whatever it is that you’re promoting. Even if they feel a little disappointed that they didn’t read what they expected to, the point is that they read your sign.

There are also magnetic car signs your can put on your car doors or on the back. This way your company name will be noticed and recognized as a local character over time. Whether you’re driving to get some supplies or parked outside the office, your car will be advertising while you work.

 Give Samples

This one could get tricky, depending on the business you’re in. If it’s food or wares, it may be easier to give out samples. If you work in a trade or in accounting for example, it will be more difficult to produce some sort of enticement sample. It’s easy to hand out cupcakes but not so easy to hand out tax paperwork. If you can’t hand out samples at local events, try posting your services with a prominent logo on one of the bulletin boards at your community center. You could also leave a flyer with a business card stapled to it in neighbor’s mailboxes. Don’t do that last one too often though, or it could have a negative effect of being considered junk mail.