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Bring it Together for a Ladies Spa Night


If there is one thing that the average mom doesn’t have time for, it’s a spa night. Getting away from the kids for a few hours of solitude and pampering is often an unattainable dream for women. Coordinating a ladies spa night for the women in your community is a great way to help grow independent businesses and bring everyone together in a low-stress atmosphere.


A ladies spa night is the perfect opportunity for independent business consultants to showcase their products and helpful information. Reach out to consultants in your area who are affiliated with direct marketing companies like Arbonne, Perfectly Posh, Jamberry Nails and Mary Kay. Remember that some of these consultants have products that overlap. In order to eliminate any sales envy, and anyone stepping on each other’s toes, you should have each person focus on one particular product line.

For example, Arbonne can focus on facials using their natural skin care products. Perfectly posh can focus on manicures sans the polish. Then those women who got a facial can head to the Mary Kay section for some professional makeup tips and free samples while those who got the manicures head to the Jamberry Nails table to learn about these long-lasting nail polish stickers. Each guest should talk about the benefits of their products, proper usage and why they are so great. Find more skin care tips and great products at PureSkinTone.com.

Every consultant is able to have their own cash and carry items on hand for guests to purchase. Presenters may even want to have a raffle to help build their leads and give away a free item at the end of the night.

Location & Refreshments

Any type of community center which is free to use is a great option for a ladies spa night. Ask consultants to bring their own tablecloths to help give the environment a welcoming feel. For refreshments you can offer soda and water for purchase. If you there is a consultant who works with food products such as Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple or Wildtree then invite them to present their products and samples for guests. Alternatively, you can ask the local cupcake lady if she wants to display her baked goodies at the event for purchase as well.

How it Works

manicureStart by inviting the ladies in your community. You may want to reach out through local organizations such as book clubs or churches. Have all vendors arrive 45 minutes before the start of the event. Remember that guests will begin trickling in during the 15 minutes prior to the event starting.

Guests start by perusing the tables and seeing what each vendor has to offer. Get everyone settled at tables and divide them into two groups. You will want to have everyone switch around. The first group will start with facials and makeup while the second group starts with manicures and polish. Depending on the expected turn out, you may want to have consultants invite other members of their downline team to help keep everything running smoothly.

Finally, guests take some time to purchase any cash and carry items they are interested in before the vendors draw the raffle winner and then thank everyone for a wonderful night. The raffle slips give vendors the opportunity to reach out to new customers and plan home or catalog parties or simply build their customer base.