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Liposuction And What To Expect After Theater

Otherwise referred to as lipoplasty or simply lipo, Liposuction is simply a procedure that shapes your body by removing excess body fat in specific areas that fat tend to linger even after intense exercise routines. Areas like the back, arms, abdomen and chin are good examples of such areas. They are prone to fat retention and hardly respond to exercise. That is exactly where liposuction steps in. Its sole purpose is to remove fat in these areas and give the patient an angel like figure.


Who can go for liposuction?

The procedure is not for every Tom, Dick and Harry or Janet, Jane and Juliet. In short, it is not for everyone. Why so? The maximum amount of fact that can be removed safely in a given surgical setting is ten pounds. This means that the procedure is not ideal for people who are excessively overweight. They may not even notice a ten pound weight reduction. Worse still, studies indicate that overweight patients who have undergone liposuction are prone to life threatening post lipo complications compared to their counterparts who have average weights.

Health records
If you are a good candidate for liposuction, your surgeon will still want to see that you have consistently maintained a healthy weight for a year. He or she may also want to see that you always eat healthy. That is, balanced diet meals. This is mainly because liposuction should not be considered as an alternative to working out or eating right. It carries potential risks that are synonymous with most surgical procedures. To find out whether or not you could be an ideal candidate for liposuction, check out this excellent website.
Side effects
People react differently to different surgical procedures. It is therefore hard to point out with certainty side effects that you may have to put up with after liposuction. Your doctor will simply examine you before going into the theater and brief you on the possible side effects you may encounter. It could be reaction to anesthesia, fat clots, blood clots, scaring, uneven contouring results or infection.

Healing after surgery

You won’t see the results immediately after coming out of the theater. It may take weeks or even months. During that period, expect some mild pain and swelling. It is highly recommended that you have someone around to take care of your feeble body as you recover from the surgery. Since liposuction is usually done on outpatient basis from the theater, you will be released as soon as your doctor is of the view that you are fit to go home. Note that factors like your age and state of mind can take a toll on how quickly or slowly you heal.

Weight loss

Side note

Some habits do not go well with liposuction. Excess alcohol consumption is one such habit. That said and done, try the best you can to keep off bad habits that can easily compromise the healing process. Remember to also have enough rest and of course, eat healthy. Then after you heal, divorce your old ways. As any guide to cool lipo will tell you, liposuction does not in any way guarantee that one cannot add weight in future.