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It’s the 21st century, have you refreshed your community to go green and eco-friendly yet?

ECOFRIENDLYSeems everywhere you look you see and hear the words green and eco-friendly.  It’s a good thing coming together worldwide for a cleaner environment to live in.  That’s the world, now how about your community?  Are you seeing changes towards living in the environmentally friendly world of today or are you still not on the path of change yet?  Maybe it’s time to come together with your neighbors and start making changes towards refining your town locally to jump on the bandwagon and refresh your environment.

You don’t have to jump tall buildings in a single bound or run faster than a speeding bullet and make changes overnight.  Nor do you have to start off with a huge project either.  Start with the small stuff and make changes gradually.  Work together and as a community make decisions to catch up with the ways your community can be eco-friendly and green too along with other communities, towns and cities around you that have started.  See what they’ve been doing and gather ideas as to how you can make it work for your locale.

Maybe start and see if your town can get some recycling bins placed somewhere convenient where you can have a specific place to bring plastics, metals, and other recyclable materials to be shipped off and transformed back into usable products.  With one area to do recycling in, it makes it convenient to store up and take a trip to the bins and dump off all your recycling that needs to be done all in one place.  Talk to your city or town and see if they have interest in putting a plan for recycling into action and what steps you need to take.  Get a petition going around signed by people who support recycling bins so the city knows you’re good and ready to put it into action and make it work.

Another small step is to place doggie bins in the park.  They are barrels with biodegradable plastic bags attached to them that you pick up your doggie doo with and dispose of in the bin.  Later the company comes and picks up and empties the bin, replaces bags and takes it off to compost.  It also is great because then you can go to the park and not have to watch every single step you take so that you don’t step in doggie doo because someone just let their dog do their duty and left it laying there.  This way the owner responsibly picks up after Buddy when he does his business and disposes of it properly.  See at your next town meeting if this is an option to look into and push for it.

Hold a meeting between the locals to talk about some ideas and where to take them.  Have a get together over a barbecue while it’s still pleasant weather and discuss steps.  Don’t forget to clean up after and recycle any of GotStocks range of wholesale catering supplies that you got for the BBQ.  That way you’re starting your recycling from the get-go.  It’s time to refresh your community’s environment and make it happen.