Refreshing your community is good. How about start with refreshing yourself.

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REFRESHYou want to see your community thrive and do well in the environment it’s in. Think about it though, how can you refresh your community when your own world is upside down. You’ll want to start by refreshing yourself. Some things in life come out best when you work them from the inside out.   Pause your busy schedule for a minute and see how you can refresh yourself and put yourself in a better position to help refresh your community.

One way to do that is to set an example. Feel good on the inside by helping things on the outside such as recycling things that can be recycled. That’s what those colored bins are for, and people will see you doing it and want to pick up and help and start recycling too. It’s an awesome feeling on the inside to know that you’ve made recycling a part of your daily schedule. That good feeling you get, well, it will spread throughout. People will see you doing it and follow along. There, you’ve done something for yourself, now it’s time that the community sees a brighter, happier you helping out.

Another way you can refresh yourself from the inside out is through education. One way to do that is to take up an education, start a career. That feeling of helping others through your own accomplishment is the best way to refresh yourself. There are many different paths you can follow such as the up and coming, growing field of radiation therapy. Don’t believe that something like that could be a career for you? Stop for a minute and take a look at and see what it can do to you. Better yet, there are probably places in your community that could use someone with training to help. Take your education, refresh yourself, and then use your knowledge to help refresh your community.

Taking care of yourself on the inside makes the work you do on the outside sparkle a little bit more and people around you will see that sparkle. You like to help people, but don’t forget about yourself. A little refreshing on the inside goes a long way when it comes to refreshing things that are on the outside. Communities talk, and you’ll be the subject of some positive conversations when people see the inner glow you’ve gained from refreshing yourself.

Make lists to see where you want to stand and where your goals are for yourself. Then make a list of goals you want to help refresh your community with. If you look really close at both lists you’ll see that they actually intertwine. You’ll see that refreshing yourself on the inside is helping you to be able to refresh more on the outside, in your community. This list should be your mantra and as you cross things off you’ll feel an inner self-worth that you might not have felt before. This is the way to do it. Refresh your community by starting with yourself and you’ll find yourself on a track to both inner and outer success.

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