Top 5 ways to interest people in community projects

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There are numerous issues that can and are better addressed as a community, first of all because getting various opinions can provide the best solution to some issues, then because there may be people in your community with special skills who can do things faster and easier than anyone else, and third, because community projects are done by people who are your neighbors, and if, carried out properly, some projects and ideas will prove beneficial to everyone. While this idea of working as a community sounds great, the biggest challenge is getting started and getting people interested enough to start acting upon ideas. Here are 5 ways to get everyone involved:

1.     Do something fun

One of the key points to interest people in what you are doing, is doing something that is fun and exciting. If you position your project as something boring and tedious, it is highly unlikely that anyone would want to be part of it. If, for example, you would like to build a new playground for children in your neighborhood, then the best way to interest people is to show them colorful, bright pictures of the possible designs and telling them about the wide range of options there is. By evaluating the skills and qualifications that some of the members in your community have, you can engage them in various activities, that involve those skills.

2.     Be pro-active

Waiting for the last minute, to decide that you need to take care of the park in your neighborhood and create a separate section for dogs and their owners, will rarely bring good results. Being proactive and determining the needs of the community and creating ways to ameliorate and introduce changes that will be beneficial to all members is something that has to be done in advance. When you have a clear picture of the things that can be addressed, you can start planning, and then, in time, implementing the required actions.

3.     Host get-togethers

Hosting regular meetings and get-togethers with other community members is essential, as this is the time when you can use brainstorming to get ideas about projects, best ways to tackle existing issues and determining the steps in which various activities need to be carried out. While inviting friends over may be a great way to spend time, hosting a community evening may be a somewhat more challenging task. First of all, you may need to get to know people better, and while some may be in a good mood, others may feel cranky as they will be coming after work. Setting up the correct atmosphere where people will feel relaxed and know that their voice will be heard can be done through various techniques, one of which is using essential oils through the best aromatherapy diffuser, some very useful advice on the various effects that essential oils have on the mood and how to use them, can be found on

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