3 Community Projects with the Biggest Impact

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Senior Centers:

Sadly, senior citizens are often forgotten about and can become extremely lonely in nursing homes or other care facilities. Seniors adore the young people who come to visit them and play games with them, and often this is the highlight of their week. Most cities across America have senior citizen centers which are always looking from young, energetic volunteers to interact with the residence. Reading a book, going for a walk, or playing a game with the elderly can truly make a world of difference and will not only brighten the days of the senior’s, but also be a great help and support to the staff at the facilities as well.

Military Troop Support:

Volunteering for military based support groups will not only prove to be extremely rewarding for anyone who chooses to get involved, but will also make a large impact in the lives of those who so bravely defend our freedoms. Organizations such as USO, Operation Gratitude and Operation Troop support are always looking for people to collect donated items which can then be packaged and shipped to military personnel who are deployed overseas. During Holiday’s organizations are also looking for volunteers to collect and wrap donated gifts, which will then be shipped to deployed military personnel, as well as their young children who may otherwise not receive presents. For deployed military, receiving care packaged and cards truly help bring a piece of home overseas, keep their spirits and morale high, and let them know they are appreciated for all of the numerous sacrifices they make for our nation on a daily basis.

The Environment:

A lot of young people have grown increasingly more aware of the environment and the many harmful practices which are drastically polluting and harming the eco-system. Young people have become passionate about helping the country become more “green,” and can help local communities through a wide array of extremely helpful and beneficial community projects. A lot of cities across the country have community gardens which always need help planting, weeding, and picking produce. These community gardens are a great way to interact with other community members, grow fresh produce and get a hands on education in helping the environment in a practical and sustainable manner. Volunteers could also spend their time at recycling plants, picking up trash on the side of the roads, or doing an awareness campaign.for more information, visit the original source.

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There are numerous ways for anyone to get active in giving back to their community. If one of these three ways does not peak your interest, contact a nonprofit in your area and see where there are needs, there are always organizations desperately in need of volunteers and would gladly welcome your helping hands. Volunteering in your community will not only help it grow, but will help it thrive and leave an everlasting impact.go to http://www.nrdc.org/water/ for more information.

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