Top 5 community projects for teenagers

community projects for teenagers

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1. Collection Drives:

There are plenty of organizations across the nation are doing various types of collection drives. Have your teenager connect with a local collection drive and see how they can help gather food, clothing or other items. Encourage your student to set up collection sites, create awareness posters, and even to use social media to promote the event.

2. Community Beautification:

Work with local officials, the police, and businesses to help identify areas around the community which need to be spruced up. Form a group of people to go these areas and fix, repair, paint and clean areas which have been abandoned, neglected or vandalized. Contact local hardware stores to get necessary items like paint, paint brushes, tools, work gloves, and trash bags donated. Teams can paint fences, fix broken playground equipment, rake leaves for the elderly, pick up trash from city streets, or plant flowers. Every time the teen passes the site they helped repair and spruce up, they will remember their hard work and be able to take pride in seeing the fruits of their labor.

3. Sporting Event:

For student athletes, creating a sporting event or sports camp may prove to be not only fun but extremely rewarding. Teenagers could organize a charity 5K to raise funds for a specific community needs, or hold a one week basketball camp in a local park for underprivileged children. Work with adult supervisors, or coaches, to ensure the event goes off without a hitch and together you can create an event that is not only getting the community exercising, but also bringing a lot of joy to lives.for more updates, read full blog post.

4. Tutor:

National Honor Society students and other students, who excel scholastically, are perfect candidates to help tutor younger children. Contact the elementary schools and see if teachers could use you after school to help children in lower grades. Not only will this ease the load of teachers and help young children learn, but teens will quickly become these young children’s heroes.more teenagers projects at

community projects for teenagers

5. Conclusion:

Visiting nursing homes does not rate high on many teenagers to do list; however, there is arguably nothing more meaningful than receiving a heartfelt hug from an elderly person with whom you just visited with. Elderly people love getting teenage visitors and receiving company. Teenagers can play games, sing songs, play a musical instrument, do puzzles, or go for a walk around the grounds with the elderly in the nursing homes. An hour visit from a teenager really can be the highlight of an elderly person’s week and give them something to look forward too, as well as remind them they are not forgotten.

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